Via Cà del Bosco, 16 - Loc. Pieris
34075 San Canzian d'Isonzo
(Gorizia) Italy




The wines


Classification: D.O.C. ISONZO

Grapes variety: 100% Refosco

History: A grapevine of antique Friulan origins already renowned in the 1700s.

Tasting notes: Granite red colour tending towards violet, its intense bouquet is forest-scented with wild blackberry notes. Tasty, lightly tannic and slightly bitter, it has a pleasant, persistent aftertaste. Young and vinous, fragrant, lightly herbaceous.

Vinification: Upon the grapes arrival in the winery they were immediately separated from the cluster and poured into vats. There were two manual re-assemblages daily with a complete re-mixing of the grape skins. The fermentation, although not mechanically controlled, almost always maintained a temperature of 28°, ideal for proper colour and tannin content. After 12 days the wine was drawn and pressed. After a month left in stainless steel vats, the wine was poured into Slavonian oak casks and aged for 8 months.

Serving temperature: 18°C.